Study and Practice

Study and Practice


At echildstudy, our goal is to improve education ecosystem

  • For Parent And Students
  • Teachers and Tutors
  • Schools and Institutions
  • Study and Practice

    eChildStudy motivates child to strive for excellence by analyzing the data deeply and thoroughly with daily and weekly assignments by lesson and videos on each topic with current baseline performance and enhance accordingly with Test hypotheses.

  • Ask a Question

    Ask a Question provide Online Personalized test preparations by giving live and instant help by working 24/7 for enhancing student performance anytime anywhere. Connect with other students and mentors studying the same things.

  • Reports

    Reports help to preview Detailed analytical reports to track your Student progress by Immediate feedback and question-specific explanations to solidify understanding of each concept which include data on grade-level proficiency, trouble spots, and even progress toward meeting Common Core and state standards and Weekly e-mail updates on your child's progress.

  • Common Core

    Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have been strictly followed while covering the wide spectrum of curriculums in math and science. Lessons under the state standards have been developed to ensure that students learn with consistency. They, gradually, develop command over their learning and begin to master the art of success from early grades.

  • Class Room

    Class Room creates virtual and dynamic classes and assign to group of students to the class. Select the questions that you want to include, or use our custom question tool to include your own questions.

  • Library

    Library consist of Common access to students/teachers to upload documents to our cloud. Seamless Access to Database Subscriptions and Library Asset also helps to share documents with friends and vast repository of study materials.

  • Assignments

    Schedule assignments as per student's understanding level which helps to develop rigorous action plan for success of students and Schedule Daily and Weekly Assignments as per the Requirement.

  • Upload Documents

    Upload Document is designed to help you easily publish your content to distribute it to a wide and global audience.

  • Application Builder

    Application Builder helps to customizing your applications and forms, to focus in on the information that matters most.

  • Application Dashboard

    Analyze all the application in the system with Detailed Real time data to get a full picture of your admissions and modify as per your needs.

  • Custom Forms

    Create customized forms needed for admission, registration, after-school programs and more.

  • Upload Documents

    Let families upload documents such as residency verification, immunization records, and more.

  • Offline Support

    Communicate to families via email or text message. See a list of inactive or hard to reach families to reach out via phone or in-person.

  • Offline Support

    Offline Support is for families with limited access to technology, paper-based applications can be uploaded and processed by the system.