About Us

We are working to create a great learning experience for you.

eChildStudy has been founded by an entrepreneurial educationist whose sole aim is to disseminate education to the masses with the help of technology and also helping students supplement their classroom learning.


New way of learning from e-learning to your kids through eChildStudy, eChildStudy gives opportunity to your children to align with State prospectus and gives online access to your child for Mathematics and Science to all grades. e-learning allows your children to a Traditional teaching approach as every student have their own way of studying. E-learning shall help your children and ensure that each lesson and mission is completely understood before moving to the next lesson or mission and turn your children with superior result with enhanced learning.


eChildStudy aims to provide new age Education Solutions that bring the best of global technology to provide an engaging, child-centric teaching-learning environment in the classroom and at home. Provide the best learning and teaching tools so that the schools are at par with the latest developments in education.


To create a technological advance education eco system which provides tools and technology to support schools , teachers , childrens and parents to collobrate efficiently under one platform.

Our History

Start using echildstudy for your kid's eLearning, echildstudy is aligned with state curriculums and provides online access to all subjects for all grades. Online learning allows a more student-centered teaching approach. Because every student has his or her way of learning that works for them, getting an online education may help in ensuring that each lesson or material is completely understood before moving on to the next, which in turn, could result to better learning eChildStudy is an online portal which provide a better learning experience for students of all Grades. These portals not only provide students to boost up their learning skill in various areas, but also it gives access to their parents to see the overall growth in their children learning curves.

Why Choose us

  • Throughout preparation on worksheets for each topic.
  • E-mail Updates on your children progress.
  • Status reports on weekly and monthly basis.
  • Statistics analysis on improvement and also recommendation for your children.
  • Organizing education helps Parents and Children to plan the worksheets to daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Our Team

  • Deepa Telang

  • Alexandra Teissonniere

  • Piyush Sharma

  • Rahul Sharma

  • Rudra Sharma

  • Kalyan Sharma

  • Sharul Sharma

  • Avi Goswami

  • Gururaj Kulkarni